We think our safety training network classes are effective and worth every penny of your investment, but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our attendees have to say about it!

What a fantastic group of training professionals! They are constantly availing themselves of every possible personal defense method – every opportunity for continuing education, to make lives safer. They are also modifying the skills used by agencies like the Secret Service and State Department to protect VIP’s, to teach Pretty Loaded students and clients how to better protect family members – particularly children. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to hear the team speak on awareness, empowerment and defense, you need to get it on your list!

Rick Colliver, Security Director- Time Warner Cable
Author-Principal Protection; Lessons Learned

All of us need training, and some of us need it now! If you’re looking for a foundation in self-defense that you can implement immediately, look no further than the on-line training program Beth and the team at Pretty Loaded have produced. It’s simple, straight-forward, and full of great tactics and tips you can put to use today! Highly recommended!

Frank Sharpe – www.fortressdefense.com

So I finished your course last night, and I admire and appreciate the way you molded information from so many great resources into one logical and comprehensive program. Recently I read Gift of Fear and On Combat so I have a hint of the broad base of knowledge that you tapped and then had to edit down…no easy feat. Thanks.

Steve- Minneapolis, MN

We engaged Beth and the Pretty Loaded group to speak at our annual Leadership Conference in March 2014.  They presented an informative program, along with demonstrations, on situational awareness for business travelers along with a very interesting look at personal security in general.  Their program was highly rated by our attendees and their presentation created a buzz of conversation among our attendees.  They are professional and engaging presenters; they will make you rethink how you approach and respond to potentially dangerous situations.

Tim Rasmussen, MDU Resources

I am the Director of HR for IRET and just wanted you to know of all the great feedback I have received from our employees who attended your training in Minot. I’ve had several calls and emails stating how much everyone learned and enjoyed the training. Thanks for making it a great experience for our Minot team.

Todd R. – IRET

Thank you so much for the service that you provide. The women who attended the training left feeling empowered and strong. I will certainly pass your information along to our other locations in North Dakota.

April – IRET

You are doing great things, Beth. Thank you for empowering women and educating so many about their personal safety.

Deb Seminary

I attended my first Pretty Loaded class a few weeks ago and am so glad that I did! I loved how real life situations were used. Beth made everything so relate-able and reminded us that even in North Dakota, bad things can happen. I’m happy to say I haven’t had to use my new training yet, but one of the many things we learned is…the best encounter is one that never happens, avoid the situation by being aware and ready. I’m no longer an easy target! I would recommend the Pretty Loaded courses to anyone and everyone who doesn’t want to be someone’s next victim. Thanks ladies for giving me the peace of mind that I’m now ready and loaded for anything that comes my way!

Brekka, Bismarck

Pretty Loaded …Situational Awareness. Pretty Amazing! Even North Dakota is not immune to crime and it is climbing at a rapid rate! What an eye opener to hear of the things happening in Bismarck that don’t even hit the news. Ladies really need to take this class and get the knowledge they need to help protect themselves and their loved ones. You might think you know what to do but do you really? Situational Awareness was an eye opener and I now look at people and situations in a whole new light. Danger is lurking ladies…give yourself the knowledge to get yourself protected. If you learn one thing that sticks with you, it was worth it.

Diane, Bismarck

Every woman/young girl should take the situational awareness class offered by Pretty Loaded!!! The class was very educational, enlightening and entertaining. I could be considered to be “ND naive or ND nice”…and with all the activity going on in our state these days, it could increase the odds of being a victim in our changing environment. The awareness the class teaches is something that can be “put in to affect immediately!!

It’s So much better to have the knowledge and not need it, then to need the knowledge and not have it! I am encouraging all my family and friends to take the class!!

Shelli, Bismarck

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