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Safety as a Psychology Lesson

We went to Minot, ND last week and trained a group of women who all worked for a company that felt strongly enough about the need for their employee’s safety to invest in the training for them. What does it take for one company to invest in their team like this and...

Pepper Spray Reviews – The Pretty Loaded Field Test

Everyone seems to hold a huge level of confidence in their pepper spray that they carry for self defense. I’m amazed, really, because they act as though it would be “Lightning from the Sky!” if they ever needed to use it on a bad guy. At Pretty Loaded, we are adamant...

Just Say No to Denial

Denial is quite the killer. It’s silent, it’s comforting, and then its effects strike when you aren’t prepared for your “moment of truth”. You need to critically evaluate how you would react in a defensive encounter, going through the steps and then letting one...

Are You Loaded?

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary: LOADED – load·ed adjective \ˈlō-dəd\

a : equipped with an abundance of options

b : staffed with excellent players

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